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Silicone Forms

  • Our company Silikon Forms inspires sweet lovers and professionals to prepare chocolate, soap resin and wax products. The molds make it possible to make various beautiful and original products. They ensure easy removal of finished products from the mold due to their stiffness and softness.
  • Silicone molds are made of soft, flexible and durable platinum silicone, which is safe in contact with food. In addition, they can be used many times, which makes them economical and practical for use in confectionery, candle and soap production...

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Flower molds
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Start today and make your dream come true

Can you find a business idea without passion? Yes, and we will help you get started. Sometimes, looking through articles related to starting a business, I have the impression that it is enough to find a passion and we already have a business. Passion will do everything - it will attract customers, facilitate marketing and promotion, sweeten difficult moments when the first challenges appear.


  • Chocolate ideas

    Finely decorated pralines, individually designed chocolates, handmade chocolate figurines, all delicious and melting in your mouth. Own chocolate manufacture is a good idea for a sweet business for all those with confectionery skills and artistic talent.

  • Unique Candles

    Scented candles are very popular recently. No wonder that the production of candles at home has become an issue that interests more and more people. Lots of novice entrepreneurs are thinking about starting candle production. It's good to know how you can earn from it.

  • Gift soap

    From passion to business? For some, such stories are like a fairy tale, but with a little persistence, dreams become reality.

  • Resin

    Using epoxy resin, we can create a very wide range of jewelry products in the form of castings with embedded elements, i.e. dried flower petals and buds, dried leaves, grains, feathers, shells, photos, insects, glitters and all kinds of other decorations, as well as wooden and metal elements.

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Chocolate Moments

Chocolate Moments

We are pleased to present you our unique chocolate. A place where delightful moments full of chocolate magic await you!

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Chocolate Moments

Chocolate Moments

Are you ready to enter the world of true chocolate magic?

Introducing the unique " Chocolate Tempering " course!

  • Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to delve into the world of chocolate and learn the art of tempering! Buy " Chocolate Tempering " training today and get a 10% discount on all molds forever, thanks to which you will be able to improve your new skills right away!
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